Adult Fiction book review

The Doomsday Equation by Matt Richtel

My favorite author, James Rollins, endorsed this book, which is the main reason I gave it a try. I normally do not go for fictional bordering on sci-fi, or technological thrillers. However, I enjoyed The Doomsday Equation. It reminded me a little bit of Dan Brown’s work, but heavier on the technology aspect. The story line is fast paced as it is a race against the clock situation where one guy, Jeremy, a computer genius with a major lack of social skills, knows what is going to happen and is trying to prevent it, while also trying to determine who he can trust and who is trying to stop him. He has built a computer program which is able to predict conflict, and it has predicted a conflict on a global scale which would be catastrophic and end life as we know it. And, the kicker is that the computer tells him it will happen in less than 3 days. Get ready for a thrill ride, readers. Good luck trying to figure out who is really with Jeremy, and who is against him. I was shocked to figure out the truth. Overall, a good read.

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