Adult Fiction book review

Noah’s Wife by Lindsay Starck

This is a novel with creatively thought out connections to the story of Noah’s Ark, only the main focus of the novel is Noah’s wife. The reader never uncovers her given name, as she is always referred to by others and even by herself as she is narrating as only “Noah’s wife.” Her identity is based upon being a part of her husband’s goals and plans, which is why she agrees to move with him to a very small town in the hills where the rains have been falling nonstop for months and months. The town was built around a zoo which used to be a main attraction to tourists and townspeople for years. Noah is to be the minister at a church where none of the townspeople, save the organist Leesl, will go, perhaps in part because the previous minister walked into the river. As Noah tries to rebuild/repair the church, and break through to the townspeople, he wears himself down to nothing mentally and spiritually. However, Noah’s wife stands strong and may end up saving them all. I loved the way the author captured different characters in the novel, from the Italian storekeeper Mauro to the burly zookeeper with a heart of gold, Adam. The reader is given more and more details about Noah’s wife as different characters become narrators and give their perceptions of her.  It is also very neat to read about how the townspeople come together with one goal and purpose, saving the animals, when the zoo floods. What a wonderful story. The writing is beautiful and fluid. I would highly suggest this first novel from Lindsay Starck.

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