Adult Fiction book review

The Fold by Peter Clines

I’m normally not one to pick out a science fiction novel to read. However, this one looked pretty intriguing. Mike, a high school English teacher, is just an average guy enjoying the connections he makes with his students and coworkers. Then he gets a job offer from his friend Reggie which is too inviting to refuse, so he leaves his home state of Maine for a government facility in San Diego where his expertise is needed. Why is a high school English teacher picked as the man to report back to a top government official about the status of a secretive project called the Albuquerque Door? The reader soon learns that Mike is not only a genius based on his IQ, but he also has an eidetic memory. The plot picks up very quickly as Mike becomes emerged in the project and begins to get to know the scientists and engineers who have made it their life’s work. The story is creative and imaginative, with a little bit of romance and a whole lot of suspense and activity going on. (Warning: the Mom in me is coming out for a minute) The Albuquerque Door actually reminded me quite a big of Disney’s Big Hero 6 with the teleport portal run off of heavy magnets and super computers. I would recommend this book for fans of sci-fi and even fans of mainstream fiction.

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