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Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

I picked up this book because I had been hearing quite a bit of buzz about it on social media. Like any good librarian, I have to read something for myself, especially when everyone seems to have read it or want to read it. I think it’s a great first novel by Jessica Knoll, even though the writing is much darker, blunt, and vulgar than I’m used to reading. The story portrays an honest, and gruesome, picture of just how destructive bullying can be to the lives of both children and adults of all ages. When the reader first meets Ani (born TiffAni), he or she would think Ani has everything – a fulfilling and great paying job, a handsome and very wealthy fiance, and a bright future all set up for her.  Her only worry seems to be a constant battle with trying to keep weight off of her 104 pound frame, all the while thinking she is overweight. However, once Ani’s background is revealed little by little, the readers understands why she feels and acts the way she does. Her brash and crude demeanor starts to fit her situation. The story moved along quickly, and I enjoyed the mysterious aspect as Ani’s past was revealed. I wasn’t a huge fan of the vulgar language used in the story, but I can overlook it to say that this was a good read. I finished it in just a few days. This book would appeal to fans of Gone Girl, and/or The Girl on the Train.

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