Adult Fiction book review

The Ex by Alafair Burke

The Ex will be published January 26, 2016 by Harper.

Olivia Randall has earned her reputation as one of New York City’s top criminal defense attorneys. Her personal life is not as neat and tidy as her office life, but makes her an interesting main character. Out of the blue, she receives a call from a teenage girl asking her to represent her father, Jack Harris. Olivia hasn’t seen or heard from Jack Harris in twenty years, not since they were engaged and then parted ways after a tragic accident. Olivia harbors quite a bit of guilt about her past with Jack, so she agrees to take his case. She also immediately decides that Jack, her Jack whom she feels she knows better than anyone else, couldn’t be guilty of the charge – a triple homicide. Jack is accused of killing Malcom Neely, a high profile person who happens to be the father of Todd Neely, who killed Jack’s wife Molly and a dozen others three years ago. As Olivia begins to work on Jack’s case, she finds herself back in a tolerant, but not overly friendly relationship with Charlotte, Jack’s best friend and her own old college acquaintance. Olivia remains convinced of Jack’s innocence at first, but what if she finds out that she never quite knew him as well as she thought? This was a well-written book with a great twist at the end. The author did a nice job of keeping the reader interested in the plot, without tying everything up in a bow at the end. I would suggest this book for fans of John Grisham, Michael Connelly, and/or David Baldacci.

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