Adult Fiction book review

The Bone Labyrinth by James Rollins

The Bone Labyrinth will be published on December 15, 2015 by William Morrow.

I consider James Rollins to be the King of adventure suspense novels. He has been my absolute favorite author for a long time. The Bone Labyrinth is the newest installment in the Sigma Force series, featuring an amazing cast of characters including Gray, Seichan, Kat, Monk, Kowalski, and Director Painter Crowe. I’m normally not a fan of long running series, because I find myself being bored with the characters after two or three novels. However, I have read every single one of James Rollins’ books and loved each and every page of every book. He does a great job of focusing on different characters more intensely with different books, so as not to bore the reader with too much backstory or day to day kind of happenings. Like all of his Sigma series novels, The Bone Labyrinth started off with a bang and continued with breakneck speed through different countries with high stakes adventure and thrills. James researches the material for his novels with great intensity and includes a sort of fact or fiction section at the end of each novel. This is one of the things I love so much about his work – he shows the readers where his amazing ideas originated and also gives credit where credit is due.

In this particular story, Gray and Seichan are sent to assist in finding and protecting Dr. Lena Crandall, a young geneticist who is trapped in an underground cavern in Croatia, after a research assignment turns deadly & dangerous. After rescuing Lena and a young priest, they begin to follow clues that will take them through ancient tunnels in Ecuador and to the lost city of Atlantis. Meanwhile, Monk and Kowalski are sent to an Atlanta primate research center to talk to the other Dr. Crandall, Lena’s twin Maria, also a geneticist who is working with Baako, an intelligent gorilla she has trained and researched since birth. When Lena, Baako, and Kowalski are kidnapped and taken to China, the story becomes a rollercoaster ride as they begin a race for their lives. The story spans over 50,000 years of human history from the earliest Neanderthals to present day genetic engineering & modification. I won’t give much more of the plot, because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. It’s more fun to read and find out all the surprises as you go. Buckle up, readers…this is a wild read!

If you have never read a James Rollins book, I would encourage you to give one a try. They are absolutely amazing, and are hard to put down once started. I would start with the beginning of the Sigma series, which is Sandstorm, or read a stand alone novel (Deep Fathom, Ice Hunt, Amazonia, or Subterranean). I can’t wait for his next book!

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