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Old Fashioned by Kandi Steiner


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Old Fashioned is #4 in the Becker Brothers series by the amazing Kandi Steiner. If you like slow-burn, Southern romance, then you’ll love this series by Kandi Steiner. You could read them in any order, but reading them in order just makes for a more pleasurable reading experience.

The order is: 1. On the Rocks (Noah’s story), 2. Neat (Logan’s story), 3. Manhattan (Mikey’s story), and 4. Old Fashioned (Jordan’s story).

It’s football season in Tennessee and Stratford High football coach, Jordan Becker, has an important season ahead. With two state championship titles to their name, the oldest Becker brother is under pressure to bring home another W this season. Jordan enjoys spending time with his family, still dances with his Mama in the kitchen, and wishes his three brothers the best, now that they are all in relationships. Jordan’s dark skin is the only reason they know he is adopted, but he’s never felt like anything less than one of the Becker brothers. They are a close-knit family who are always there for one another. The Becker boys are all still reeling from the loss of their father in a fire at Scooter Whiskey distillery, and they long to uncover the truth surrounding his mysterious death. But Jordan’s current focus is singular in nature – bring the W back to Stratford for a three-peat.

However, when the new female athletic trainer starts working right under his nose, Jordan is finding it hard to focus on anything other than her. Sydney Clark turns heads with her undeniable beauty and perfect body, but her confidence and skills in a male dominated sport is what really captures Jordan’s attention. Sydney is a single mother of an adorable football-loving 9 year old girl, after divorcing her jerk of an ex-husband Randy, who unfortunately is the Chief of Police. He abuses his power in more ways than one, causing Sydney to feel trapped and scared. She agreed to stay in Stratford for their daughter Paige’s sake, and he has been a good father, even if he treated Sydney like a possession he could throw out whenever he wanted. Now that Sydney is divorced, she is putting all her energy into caring for Paige, and being the best athletic trainer for her team. Her career dream was forcibly put on hold by Randy when she became pregnant and he insisted they get married, not allowing Sydney to pursue the career she had always wanted.

Jordan is an amazing coach, and he has a heart of gold. His instinct is to protect Sydney and in the process, he finds himself falling hard and fast. Sydney never realized how hard it would be to tamp down the magnetic pull of Jordan Becker and the desire she has never in her life felt before. She has to keep it together…Jordan is her boss. Her ex-husband, and the whole small town of Stratford, would ruin her chance at a future career if she does anything to jeopardize the football season or the team’s image. But, the more Jordan hangs around Sydney and her daughter the harder it becomes to keep her distance.

All the mysteries you’ve been waiting to find out will be revealed in the final chapters of Old Fashioned. You’ll likely laugh and cry and have a book hangover. I know I did! But, I would highly recommend reading this book and the whole series. You’ll fall in love with Stratford, TN and the whole Becker family. It is bittersweet that this is the final book.

Gaaaah! I loved this book so much. Jordan might be my favorite brother of all. Thank you to Social Butterfly PR for providing me with an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.


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