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Unicorn Untamed by Lin Reynolds

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Unicorn Untamed: Turning Sh*t to Sparkle, a journey of messy self-discovery from Lin Reynolds, is out now!

We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. We all struggle with emotions we’re ashamed of. We all have darkness we try to hide. What if you could learn the tools to take the bad shit . . . and turn it into a beautiful sparkle?

Unicorn Untamed takes you on a journey of messy, uncomfortable self-discovery with some hard truths to help you become a better version of yourself . . . your true unicorn self.


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LinreynoldsAbout Lin

Lin is a middle-aged unicorn . . . proof that you really can do or be anything. She considers herself a fun enthusiast, a queso connoisseur, and is highly obsessed with Bret Michaels and glitter. She lives in East TX with her husband and 2 fur babies and hates responsibility, spiders, and adulting.

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Librarian Laura’s Review of Unicorn Untamed

UnicornUntamed_Amazon_iBooksBoy am I glad I read this, and at the perfect time, I might add. Lin has a way of connecting with her readers on a personal level, and I really appreciated the way she used real talk and examples from her own personal experiences to make her points valid. She doesn’t profess to be a medical professional or mental health professional or relationship or parenting expert, but she sure does have some amazing nuggets of truth to pass on to readers. I truly believe every woman can find something in these pages to provide hope and happiness. One of my favorite quotes from the beginning was, “don’t trade in your unique realness for the approval of others.” Yes, yes, yes! I am a huge believer in this, as well. Who cares what other people think of your choices?! If you are being true to yourself and doing things that make YOU happy (and not hurting anyone else in the process), then who cares! I recently dyed the tips of my hair hot pink, and I got a lot of negative feedback from some people close to me. And from people who hardly know me, but made an instant judgment about me because of my hair color. Good grief! Was my pink hair hurting anyone? Heck no, it wasn’t! And, you know what, that pink hair made me so happy and I look forward to the day when I can get it done again! I am a strong believer in the phrase, “don’t take criticism from someone you would not go to for advice” as well, and I bet Lin is with me on that one.

Not only does Lin talk about being your true self and not worrying about seeking approval of others, but she touches on some other majorly important issues in society today. These include: the lack of movement and physical activity of most people, the ridiculous amount of time people spend on screens and their phones, the lack of family time in most families, getting out of toxic or not-mutually beneficial relationships, loving yourself, letting things go, celebrating differences, and so much more. Lin’s advice is both practical and thought-provoking. At times during reading, I found myself laughing out loud, but there were also many times when my eyes got misty and I thought, “yes, me too!” Being able to identify with her made this book so much more rewarding for me.

A few other golden nuggets that I highlighted while reading are:

“karma – she’s only a bitch if you are”

“A true unicorn never gets jealous because they know how perfectly imperfect they are and they are OK with that.”

“social media creates a lot of brave cowards.” (can I get an AMEN to that one?!)

“Don’t let anyone try to force you into a box of right or wrong.”

If you can’t tell, I really really enjoyed this book. I normally read fiction and hardly ever read self-help books. This book had a little bit of everything, however. It has self-help type advice, but also so many personal and heartfelt stories from Lin’s life, allowing readers to get to know her as more than just the professional unicorn. I had the privileged of meeting Lin last August at Book Bonanza and I am crossing all my fingers and toes that they will still have it again this August and I’ll get to talk to her again and get HER book signed. She is an awesome lady and you should totally read her book!

Thank you to Social Butterfly PR for providing me with the review copy of this book.

Much love until next time,

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