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Roar by Cora Carmack


Roar is the first in the three book Stormhearts series by Cora Carmack. This is a young adult fantasy story with very PG romance, atmospheric & beautiful settings, and a cliffhanger ending. Roar is set in a world where storms can ruin whole cities, but Stormlings are able to harness the storms energies for good, and for evil.

Aurora Pavan may appear to be a Princess who has it all. She is groomed to be the perfect Queen and is betrothed to Prince Cassius of the Locke kingdom. But, Rora is hiding a secret from everyone except for her mother. She wasn’t born with the magic of her ancestors, a fact that she must keep hidden from her soon-to-be husband at all costs. At first, Cassius doesn’t seem so bad. Sure, he his grumpy and full of himself, but he is charming and pretty good looking. But soon Rora finds out that its all a lie and that he is merely using her as a means to become King and take over the kingdom of Pavan. Faking her own kidnapping, Rora takes off before its too late and she is married to Cassius with no means to escape. She runs into a rag-tag band of storm hunters who are able to steal magic from the storms. Like her, they were not born with abilities to control storms, but they have learned and become quite skilled at it. Rora realizes that maybe she can learn from them and she won’t have to reveal her secret after all. Assuming the name of Roar, she keeps her royal status a secret, becoming friends with Locke, the handsome leader of the storm hunters, and the others in the group. What she didn’t anticipate, however, was falling hard for Locke, who is fiercely protective of her. She knows she can’t let him get too close to her or find out who she really is, but it becomes increasingly difficult to keep secrets from him as they spend more time together. To complicate matters even more, it turns out that Aurora does have magic…a magic that is more powerful than anyone has seen before. Plot twist! And that, my friends, is where we are left at the end of the Book 1 in this 3 book series.

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with the copy of this book. As a non-fantasy reader, I really enjoyed it and I hope you do, as well.


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