Adult Fiction book review

The German House by Annette Hess



Originally published in Library Journal, December 1, 2019.

In 1963 Frankfurt, Germany, 24 year old Eva Bruhns is hired by David Miller, a Canadian investigator, as a Polish translator for the Auschwitz war crimes trial. Eva’s memories of WWII are distant and vague, and her family refuses to comment on the war as she becomes more concerned with bringing justice to the accused. Owners of The German House Inn and restaurant, her parents run a well-known, family business. Eva’s fiance, Jurgen, attempts to keep her away from the trials, arguing for the sake of her nerves and her place as a housewife. When Eva uncovers a shocking secret about her family’s past, she bravely pushes back against the expectations set for young women at the time, determined to never forget Germany’s dark past. The timeline unfolds in alternating points of view between many multi-layered characters: Eva, her family members, David, and Jurgen, which may cause confusion to readers. Fans of Kate Quinn will enjoy this unique historical fiction tale for the strong female character and rich details. VERDICT: Recommended for additional purchase as there are better historical fiction choices. 



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