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Faked by Karla Sorensen

50402531Dedicated student Claire Ward agrees to do her identical twin sister, Lia, a favor. That’s what twins do, right – help each other out when one of them has two things going on at the same time? Lia has a prior commitment for a class but her best friend, Finn, needs her to be his plus one at a swanky, fancy event where Finn’s philanthropic parents are trying to impress an investor. The Ward family is famous in the football world because of their older brother Logan, and the rich investor is a Washington Wolves fan. Since Lia can’t be at both events, she asks Claire to pretend to be her at the fancy event. Easy, right? Put on a fancy dress and enjoy herself, on the arm of the handsome, uber successful pre-med student, Finn. The only problem is that Claire has always had a huge crush on Finn, but she’s never told Lia. Maybe this will be her chance with Finn. Even though her nerves threaten to undo her, Claire agrees to spend the evening as Finn’s plus one. Everything would have been fine, had it been Finn who showed up at her door that evening. Instead, she got Bauer, Finn’s older half brother, who was sent in a very ill Finn’s place.

Bauer Davis is a professional snowboarder who has made a few bad decisions recently, and the total opposite of straight-laced, golden boy Finn. His parents remind him constantly of his shortcomings, wishing he were more like perfect Finn. Bauer is the definition of a bad boy – covered in tattoos, attitude in spades, and insanely attractive. Claire has never been instantly attracted to someone like this before, not even to Finn, who she thought she should be with for all of these years. How will she make it through the night pretending to be Lia when her own feelings are threatening to explode?

Will the good girl and the bad boy brother go along with the plan and pretend to be together? Or is Claire with the wrong brother after all? Fans of sports romance will adore this contemporary romance book, the second in the Focused series by Karla Sorensen. If you thought Molly and Noah’s hate to love romance was swoon-worthy and hot in the first book, wait until Claire and Bauer are stuck in a snowstorm in a remote cabin. I’ll say no more. Except…read this and you won’t regret it!

Thanks to Enticing Journey Book Promotions for the early review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The next book, Floored, is coming in December and I can hardly wait to read it!

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