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Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory

partyoftwoFirst, let me say that I’ve read ALL of Jasmine Guillory’s novels and she is an amazing writer. I love the way she draws the character connections between the novels, as well as her uncanny ability to make me laugh and cry in the same book multiple times. She is awesome, and if you haven’t read her books, I would highly suggest starting with The Proposal, which was also a Reese’s Book Club Pick.
Party of Two is a delightful contemporary romance set against a very timely backdrop concerning interracial relationships and a high stakes, charged political climate. Olivia Monroe has just moved to LA to start her own law firm, alongside her best friend and fellow attorney, Ellie. When she meets a random, really hot, white dude in the hotel bar and they have a conversation about pie and life, she is left feeling like the move to LA was the right decision. She never dreamed that she would see Max again, but she enjoyed the short time she had with him, nonetheless. That hair, those eyes…she has a hard time getting him out of her mind. Then she is flipping channels on the TV and hears his unmistakable voice. Holy crap!  The guy from the bar is Senator Max Powell. What are the odds? She can hardly believe 1) that he made time to talk to and flirt with her – just a regular middle aged Black woman in a power suit, and 2) that she didn’t recognize him right away. But then, after another chance meet up at a charity event, she is completely blown away when Max sends a cake to her office the next day, followed by an invitation to a date. Sure, being the girlfriend of a hot, super rich Senator has its perks (which you’ll love reading about), but Olivia quickly finds out that being in the limelight and scrutinized by the media is not where she wants to be at all. But Max is so wonderful and attentive, and she finds herself falling for him. How can she keep the guy, but also keep her low-key lifestyle? Guess you’ll have to read it and find out.
You’ll love this somewhat steamy and amazingly written romance by the wonderful Jasmine Guillory. Fans of Christina Lauren and Alexa Martin will swoon for Party of Two.
Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an early review copy of this title.

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