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Love Starts Here by Traci Borum

Love starts here cover first draft.jpgJill McCallister, a seasoned mystery author with a bad case of writer’s block, is having a hard time coming up with an idea for a new book, which is due to her editor soon. Thinking it will refresh her brain and help her to reset and hopefully spark new ideas, she asks her for a different writing assignment. She is asked to write something about genealogy, which is a hot topic of late, and something she knows nothing about. At first, Jill is not too excited about the topic. Her own family history is sort of boring, because her own mother hasn’t spent any real time with her since she was in college, choosing to move from place to place after Jill’s father passed away. But then she discovers a clue about her own family’s history, dating back to her great-great-great grandfather Alfred J. Stout, who started a town in Texas and named it after his daughter, Morgan. Jill’s roommate Lindsey and her editor both basically push her out the door and on the road from Colorado to the small, charming Southern town of Morgan’s Grove, Texas. Maybe immersing herself in the town created by her ancestors will spark some creative ideas for her story. What has she got to lose? It’s the perfect time to visit Morgan’s Grove with the holiday season in full swing. When Jill discovers that her reservations at the local B&B won’t work out and it’s actually full, in a case of serendipity she agrees to rent an apartment room from Lucille Wright. Jill has no idea how much Lucille and her grandson Rick will change her life in the few short weeks leading up to Christmas. As she spends more time in Morgan’s Grove and grows closer to Lucille and Rick, Jill will have to ask herself where she really feels at home – Colorado or Morgan’s Grove.

This is a sweet, well-written story with central themes of family, pursuing one’s dreams, history, friendship, a budding romance, and small-town community. Also, very fitting with the setting, this book has big Texas heart and will leave readers wanting more of Jill, Lucille, and Rick, as well as the rest of the beloved residents of Morgan’s Grove. There is very little and very tame romance in this book (just kissing). Fans of Denise Hunter and Mary Alice Monroe will surely enjoy Love Starts Here, the first book in the Morgan’s Grove series.

There’s a little surprise recipe at the end, as well. Thanks for that! Can’t wait to try it out.

Thank you to the author for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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