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The Companion by Katie Alender

The Companion is written for a YA audience, but it is certainly enjoyable to adults as well. We learn in the very beginning that Margot is lucky. Lucky to be alive. Her parents and two sisters died in a tragic car accident and Margot was the only survivor.

Now, 3 months later, she is recovered physically from the accident, but she has no family left and is a ward of the state – living in Palmer House with other orphans. Her bad dreams and screaming often wake the other residents and are cause for her to be bullied as well. Then out of the blue she is told that the Sutton family has offered to take her in…as a companion for their ill daughter, Agatha. This is not just any family. The Suttons are ridiculously rich and they live in a remote county estate.

Margot agrees to accept the arrangement, to be a companion for Agatha, a girl her age but who is mute and merely sits quietly staring out the window all day. At first, Margot is happy to be living in the stately home with Agatha, her mother Laura who is kind and somewhat clingy, her father John, and handsome older brother Barrett. She even takes a bit of an interest in Barrett.

But then…things start getting weird…and creepy. There are rooms she’s not allowed in, strange behavior from Agatha, lies and dangerous secrets. Will Margot figure things out in time to save herself, or will the lies bury her? If you like gothic horror, you will love this fast-paced, pulse-pounding thrill ride. For a  thriller, it’s very clean. Would be suitable for middle grade as well.

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