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Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

First off, gaze upon this glorious cover. If this cover doesn’t scream gothic horror, I don’t know what will!

Mexican Gothic is set in 1950’s Mexico. Glamorous debutante Noemi Taoboda is sent by her father to the Mexican countryside to check on her recently married cousin, Catalina, after receiving a troublesome letter from her.

Noemi is more suited for cocktail parties than amateur sleuthing, but she agrees to make the journey to High Place, the name of Virgil’s family’s home, because she’s always held a fondness for Catalina. Catalina’s new husband Virgil is what I would call a creeper. He’s devilishly handsome and he knows it, and he’s always leering around Noemi in a menacing way, trying to get her to leave.

Noemi, however, is not afraid of Virgil, or of his ancient father and his immediate fascination with her beauty and her background. What is most concerning is that Noemi is kept apart from Catalina and only allowed to see her when they are supervised by one of the family members or a nurse. Noemi is convinced that there is more Catalina isn’t telling her.

Soon, Noemi is having very disturbing dreams and finding out even more disturbing things about High Place and the family living within its walls. It seems the only ally she may have in this dark, foreboding place is the youngest son, Francis…but she is unsure whether she can even trust him.

Both mesmerized and terrified of the situation she finds herself, our brave heroine must summon all her wits and bravery if she wants to save her cousin and escape the horrors of High Place. After reading this, you will probably never look at mushrooms in the same way again. Your welcome.

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