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Little Lies by Helena Hunting

Lavender Waters and Kodiak Bowman grew up together and used to be close friends. Their fathers worked and played for the same NHL hockey team, and their mothers are also close friends. Kodiak is a few years older than Lavender and her twin brother River, and he’s always been best friends with Lavender’s older brother Maverick. Though it looks like Lavender has an easy life and is like a princess in the tower, she deals with both anxiety and PTSD after a traumatic experience in her childhood. For whatever reason, Kodiak was always there for her. Only a kid himself, his strength and reassurance could help Lavender heal and calm down like no one else. But then Kodiak’s family moved away and Lavender had to try to learn to cope without him. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t easy and never really happened. She lost a part of her heart when she lost Kodiak.

Now in her second year of college, Lavender is living on campus with her older brother and twin brother. She knew that she might run into Kodiak, as he plays hockey and is still best friends with Mav. However, she never dreamed how cold he would be toward her. She can’t figure out why he seems to hate her so much, after all they have been through. But as they are forced into spending more time together, the little lies they have each told themselves begin to break apart, leaving Lavender and Kodiak to try to pick up the pieces and mold them back together. So begins a story full of angst, guilt, soul-crushing love, and the power of forgiveness. I laughed and cried and swooned, of course. The romance is steamy and well-done, as with all the Helena Hunting books I’ve read.

Family is a big part of this story. Loyal Helena Hunting readers will enjoy reuniting with some of the beloved characters from the Pucked series (Alex and Violet) and the All In series (Lainey and Rook). It was really cool to read such a well-written story of the kids from her other series all grown up and in their adult years. This is my new favorite Helena Hunting book. I can’t wait for more books in this series!

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