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Forever. Never. Always. by Hanna Holt

Looking for a small town second-chance romance with all the feels? Hanna Holt’s debut novel, Forever. Never. Always., releasing February 3, 2021 is the perfect choice. Filled with both sweet family moments and steamy romance, it is a quick and satisfying read.

Ash Forester is the oldest of 9 children, and at 30 years old, he’s already experienced quite a bit of parenting, as the guardian for his 8 siblings for the past 7 years. Sure, he would like to find love, but when would he even have time, between running the younger kids to school, practices, recitals, etc., and trying to keep the older ones out of trouble. Besides the full time job of guardian to the family, Ash also runs the family’s tree farm which he inherited when his grandfather passed away. Luckily, Vivian, the wife of Ash’s business partner and their former foster mother, helps Ash with the kids whenever she can. He has no intentions of starting any type of relationship, but that all changes when he heads to school for yet another one of his brother Aspen’s detentions and runs into April Wallis. He and April dated in college, but when Ash’s world came crashing down around him and his family, he had to leave the life he had with April behind and he never looked back. He knows he hurt her, but he had no choice.

It’s been 7 years since Ash disappeared from her life, and April has not forgotten him or forgiven him for breaking her heart and leaving her to pick up the pieces. Recently split up from her husband, April leaves New York and takes a temporary teaching position in the hometown of her best friend, Beth. An art history major, April figures teaching art will suffice until she figures out a more long-term plan. Imagine her surprise when she comes face to face with the one who got away, Ash Forester. She’s never forgotten the way Ash make her feel, and even after all these years, one piercing look from him has her heart skipping a beat yet again. Choosing to take the high road, April is civil but decides to keep her distance from Ash. But who is she kidding, anyway? It’s a small town, and Ash comes to the high school where she works almost daily for one of his 8 siblings that are still in school. A family (and a tree farm!) she never even knew he had. She keeps running into him everywhere. He may have left her before, but he is certainly not trying to keep his distance now. Can April forgive Ash for all the hurt he caused or will the spark that once burned so bright between them finally be extinguished?

Thank you so much to the author for providing me with an early review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I do hope there will be more stories about the Forester family! Hanna? I would really like the next book to be about Hawthorne or Cypress.

Also, I want to mention this glorious cover design by Elle Maxwell @ellemaxwelldesign, the same lovely, creative genius who made my Librarian Laura blog logo. I love her modern, bright covers so much! If I ever get my book finished, I want her to design the cover!

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