Random Acts of Poetry by Brett Starr

Brett Starr’s Random Acts of Poetry is a lovely compilation of poetry across nine subject areas, including philosophy, humor, science and math, religion, politics, family, death, temptation, and mental illness. The topics and poems in each are timely, but also timeless in how they speak to readers. Most of the poetry is written in free verse. Starr’s poems range from short to mid-length. I like that they are not really lengthy poems because they can easily be read multiple times, and reflected upon by readers.

My favorite poem from the book is “A Silent Prayer.” It is poignant and beautiful and it really spoke to my heart. “Dinner Prayer” is an enjoyable poem with a bit of a comic spin on the traditional pre-dinner prayer shared by many families at each meal. “My Melancholy Mood” is another one that I very much enjoyed, and I feel that the subject matter is certainly shared by so many after 2020 has changed the world in so many ways. Along that note, “It’s a Two-Bag Life,” which is a reflection on a life of travel and includes the line, “traveling is not what its cracked up to be” is also very timely. I wonder if Starr feels the same about travel now?

Finally, I found it really cool to read the author’s insightful comments on the inspiration behind each poem because it shows that inspiration and creativity can truly come from anywhere and at any time. Overall, this is a wonderful book, packed with thoughtful and beautiful poetry.

Thank you kindly to Brett for sharing his talents through poetry. I hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as I did. I also hope Brett publishes more poems in the future.


Brett Starr, Engineer and resident of Michigan City, IN has written and self-published a book of poetry.

MICHIGAN CITY, IN – He’s no James Whitcomb Riley, but Hoosier Engineer, Brett Starr, has written and self-published a book of poetry.  In his book, “Random Acts of Poetry: Best Read with Coffee or Tea,” Starr, more equipped in authoring engineering patents, has written poems about philosophy, humor, religion, science and math, politics, temptation, family, death and mental illness. 

“My inspirations come from life experiences mainly with sports, movies, music, nature and books,” said Starr, graduate of Plymouth High School (Plymouth, IN) and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Terre Haute, IN).  “Early on, I did not have intentions of publishing a book, but after an accumulation of over 40 poems, and with encouragement from family, it made sense and is a nice accomplishment.”

Starr, revealed “Sometimes the ideas come in the middle of the night and I have to get up and jot them down.  I write poetry because it gives me peace and enjoyment to creatively describe my life experiences.”

‘Random Acts of Poetry: Best Read with Coffee or Tea’ is available for purchase exclusively on amazon.com in Kindle eBook format, or paperback.  For more information, visit http://www.bastarrpublishing.com.

About BASTARR Publishing:

BASTARR Publishing was created by Brett Starr to publish and promote his book of poetry and also future books.  Starr, 1986 graduate of Plymouth High School (Plymouth, IN), and 1990 mechanical engineering graduate of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Terre Haute, IN), self-published his book with the assistance of amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing website along with the Kindle Create application.  For more information, visit amazon.com/books, or www.bastarrpublishing.com, or contact e-mail bastarrpublishing@hotmail.com.

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