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Little Birdies Lose Their Colors

Little Birdies Lose Their Colors by By Ayaan Sheikh & Hafsa Naz Mahmood

Librarian Laura’s Review of Little Birdies Lose Their Colors

I am so excited to tell you about this lovely children’s picture book, written and illustrated by a 7 year old boy, Ayaan, and his mother, Hafsa. Though it is a short picture book, this book is a must read for all ages. There is a truly valuable lesson to be learned inside these 23 vibrantly illustrated pages, whether the reader is 4 years old or 84 years old. That is the lesson of loving others despite their differences and valuing each and every person for their uniqueness. The message is clear, but it’s softly and tenderly drawn out through beautiful, bright illustrations and simple, easy to understand language. Little Birdies Lose Their Colors is a must have for all classrooms and school libraries. It’s also the perfect book for families to read aloud together in order to spark much needed discussion and learning about accepting others for who they are and treating everyone equally. I hope you love it as much as I do and share it with your families, as I have done with mine.

About the Book

Little Birdies Lose their Colors is a story about different colored birds who are the greatest of friends. They all fly into a cloud to play and lose their colors! At first the birds all love being identical. They forget about their differences and go back to the roots of existence. At the core, they’re all the same. Eventually, they begin to miss being different and unique. It’s just not as fun for them when they’re all exactly the same. So Green birdie Ayaan has a great idea—eat a fruit and vegetable of your color and you’ll get your color back. It works! By eating healthy, and a little bit of creativity, they all get their beautiful colors back. They never want to lose their awesome colors, uniqueness and individuality again.

About the Authors

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