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When We Met by Marni Mann

When We Met is the second book in the Moments in Boston series by Marni Mann, which releases on February 9th, 2021. Though it’s in a series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone, which is actually how I read it. Though I will say that after reading this one, I am definitely going back and reading more books by Marni Mann. She has a way of describing emotions that really hits readers in all the feels and garners major investment in the characters and the outcome of the story.

The day Caleb meets Whitney is a day that neither of them will ever forget. One seemingly innocent decision and fateful chance encounter will change the course of both of their lives. Whitney is a strong, dedicated nurse, working long hours caring selflessly for patients. Caleb is a very successful and rich financial advisor. On the day of the Boston Marathon in 2013, when Boston is packed with spectators and party-goers, Caleb and Whitney first meet. Fate brings them together in the most tragic, but beautiful way. However, there are two possible courses that their future together can take, and readers will experience them both as the story unfolds. In both of the dual timelines, one thing is clear. Caleb and Whitney have the forever kind of love that will make readers swoon. Mann’s writing demonstrates how one choice can truly have ripple effects on the lives of others and the ability to change the future. The story is romantic, steamy, and tender. Whitney’s relationship with her best friend since college, Emily, is heartwarming and #bestfriendgoals. Overall, this is a beautiful story of tragedy and healing, love and friendship, and having the strength to keep going in light of tremendous heartache. The story is fast-paced and I found it hard to put down.

Thank you to Valentine PR for providing me with an advanced review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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