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Dewey Belong Together by Ann Whynot

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Librarian Laura’s Review of Dewey Belong Together

I read Ann Whynot’s debut novel as a standalone, because I haven’t read the entire Green Valley Library series in order just yet. It was so well written and there were so many sweet moments between Max and Jonathan that I won’t soon forget. Though its a romantic comedy book, it also tackles the serious subject matter of mental health, specifically bipolar disorder. This was done in such a touching way, but also in a way that taught me so much about the disorder. I finished the book with a huge smile on my face, and I can’t wait for Ann’s next book.

Maxine “Max” Peters is a cataloging librarian at the Green Valley Public Library in the picturesque small town of Green Valley, Tennessee. She is thankful to have a job working in the basement of the library where she can mostly keep away from others, especially after an incident a few years ago when she was savagely attacked by a few members of the local motorcycle club, the Iron Wraiths. When she isn’t running errands for her agoraphobic mother, she spends all of her remaining free time gaming, and she’s good at it. Online she is Maxiumus_Damage, and she doesn’t hold back, known for her mad gaming skills that have been increasing since she started playing 10 years ago. Thinking it would be fun to get their longtime gaming “guildies” together for an IRL meet-up, Max invites them to Green Valley and plans out a weekend of fun and festivities. Much to her dismay, however, the only one who actually shows up for the weekend is her gaming nemesis, Wrath. Wrath is one Jonathan Owens, who has been gaming with Max for over 10 years, though they haven’t yet met in person until now. Upon arrival at the airport, Jonathan is at once taken aback to discover that his soul mate and rival gamer, Maximus_Damage is actually a female! All this time he was questioning himself for falling in love with Maxiumus (a dude) and it turns out she’s a girl, after all. While Jonathan attempts to grapple with his feelings and surprise, Max decides its game on with the festivities planned, even if its for just she and Wrath. All this time, she pictured Wrath to be some horrible human being who was on her last nerve. It turns out he’s sensitive and caring, and fun to be around. The only problem is that the fun weekend won’t last forever. Wrath will soon have to head back to Florida, where his job and his family both need his time and attention. Will their new-found love for each other last a long-distance relationship? Trust me when I say that you’ll want to read it to find out. Strap in for some swoon-worthy romance through the Great Smokey Mountains between two unique, quirky characters who were made for each other. I can’t get enough Max and Jonathan! There’s also cameos from some of Green Valley’s beloved residents (Cletus Winston, anyone?) and time spent at the Jam Session and Genie’s bar. It’s always great to be reading a book in Green Valley…it truly feels like coming home.

Thank you to Smartypants Romance for providing me with an early copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the Book

Dewey Belong Together, an all-new enemies to lovers small-town romance from Ann Whynot, is coming February 18th!

Librarian Maxine Peters lives her life behind the scenes. By day, she’s a buttoned-up cataloguing whiz in the basement of the Green Valley Public Library. By night, she’s secretly dominating in an online role playing game as the legendary Maximus_Damage. Her in-game persona has the skills to back up the hype. But every hero has an enemy; every saga, a villain. And by her own invitation, Maximus’ arch nemesis, Wrath, has just landed in Green Valley.

Jonathan Owen is not at all who Maxine expects when she meets Wrath face to face. Eager to leave the past in the game, Jonathan takes this golden opportunity to win Maxine’s heart. There’s just one wrench in that plan: he may have, on a few occasions, acted like a bit of a jerk online. And to his puzzlement, she has taken their fun rivalry to the level of epic dislike.

When Jonathan and Maxine are unexpectedly alone for a weekend, secrets are revealed that make love hard and hatred even harder. Jonathan quickly learns fighting his own demons will take more than one elite gamer. And Maxine, who is busy rebooting her life in Green Valley, might not be up to the task.

When real life starts to override the game, can Maxine and Jonathan find a way to make it work? Or will it be game over for this player versus player adventure?

Dewey Belong Together is a full-length contemporary romance and can be read as a standalone. Book #7 in the Green Valley Library series, Green Valley Chronicles, Penny Reid Book Universe.

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