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Mad About Ewe by Susannah Nix

Librarian Laura’s Review of Mad About Ewe

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Dawn Botstein is in her 50’s and is newly divorced from Jerry in a mostly amicable split. They raised two boys who have now flown the nest, leaving Dawn in solitude. Thankfully, she finds happiness in her fiber arts store, Mad About Ewe. On one day at the store just like any other, however, her love life, or lack there of, takes a drastic turn. Dawn still remembers the epic crush she held for Mike Pilota back in high school when they worked together at Pizza My Heart. Now, 30 years after Dawn has seen Mike, he’s back in Chicago, and in her store asking for knitting supplies. Dawn is flustered and excited, but she still remembers his rejection when she asked him on a date all those years ago. He was the football star, gorgeous and popular, and so unattainable at the time. Unsure how it’s even possible, Dawn notices that Mike looks even better today than back in high school, with his gentle giant statue and salt-and-pepper beard.

After his second divorce, Mike left his IT job in Columbus to move back home to Chicago and help his sister look after their mother. Since his Dad passed away, his mom hasn’t been herself and she refuses any help for her depression or the state of the house. Though he worries constantly about her, Mike begins cleaning and cooking for her. He remembers the joy she took from knitting when he was young, so on a whim, he stops into the local yarn store to get her some supplies. Maybe she’ll start knitting again and that will spur some happiness or encouragement. To his surprise and delight, the yarn store is owned and operated by Dawn, a girl he knew in high school. Mike is smitten. Dawn is beautiful and her laughter gives him a sense of hope and happiness that he hasn’t felt in a while. But like a fool, he turns her down when she asks him out, just like he foolishly did 30 years ago. Though he is determined to win her heart, he worries that he’s ruined his last chance with Dawn. Will they have a second chance at love, or was their attraction just a silly teenage crush?

I am delighted for you to read this book and meet Dawn and Mike. Faithful Penny Reid fans will love the return to the Knitting in the City world and cameos from some of the beloved characters. Opening this book and spending time at Mad About Ewe feels like being at home surrounded by loved ones where you can be yourself and soak up every bit of happiness that life offers. I hope you love this story as much as I did.

Thank you to Smartypants Romance for providing me with an early review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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