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Talk Bookish to Me by Kate Bromley

Kate Bromley’s debut romantic comedy features Kara, a romance author suffering from a case of writer’s block, and Ryan, her first love from college who whisks back into her life by happenstance and shakes things up in all the best ways. Fans of Christina Lauren, Kerry Winfrey, and Abby Jimenez will love this story!

Kara is 30 years old, a romance novelist and bookstagrammer with 7 romance books published. She lives in New York City and she loves to ride her bike, when she isn’t writing, reading romance books, or taking bookstagram photos. She is on the struggle bus with her current work in progress, however, another historical romance set in Regency England. Her manuscript is due in just a few short days and her best friend Cristina is getting married in a week, providing her with an abundance of maid of honor duties and events to attend.

At the wedding pre-party a week before the main event, Kara is introduced to Jason, the groom’s, childhood friends from North Carolina. Kara never thought she would see him again, after their painful breakup, but here he is…standing right in front of her 10 years later and stealing her breath away. Ryan. The boy who sat down next to her in class, stole the romance book she was reading , play-scolded her for reading a scandalous book, and swiftly stole her heart. She and Ryan dated for 2 years in college and then broke up after he moved away for an internship and things went downhill from there. Neither seems happy to see the other 10 years later, but they agree to be civil to one another to get through the next week of wedding activities. Cristina, however, prefers to play matchmaker. She plans a double date with Kara and Ryan, bringing up all the awkward tension and stirring up a whole mixed bag of feelings from the past.

After the unbelievable double date, Kara finds herself at her laptop with her novel spilling forth. Her agent is convinced that being around Ryan and all the complicated angst and feelings that stem from their past is allowing Kara to write and finish her novel. Her muse, if you will. Not wanting to thwart her creative energy and much needed productivity, Kara offers to allow Ryan and his bulldog, Duke, to live at her place for the week. (Not to mention, and lucky for Kara, that they are conveniently kicked out of the hotel for Duke’s bad behavior.) As they spend more time together, Kara can’t help wondering “what if.” And there’s no denying that the sparks are still igniting between she and Ryan, no matter how much she tries to tell herself they aren’t. Can Ryan and Kara weather the rocky road of forgiveness and find their own way to a happily ever after?

This is a lovely debut romantic comedy in all its bookish glory. Second-chance romance, forced proximity, and a wedding backdrop all merge together to make for a sweet, swoon-worthy story. And if you think it couldn’t get any better, you are wrong! Throw in a trip to Italy, an adorable bond with Duke the bulldog, and the sultry Regency romance novel that Kara is writing throughout the story. I love when there is a book within a book! Just wait until you get to the read aloud part. Wink, wink. I promise you won’t be sorry! I truly enjoyed this book for its heartfelt family interactions, unique characters, and tear-inducing ending.

Thank you to the author for providing me with an early review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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