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Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid is a beautiful masterpiece of family drama & resilience set on the beaches of Malibu in 1983. This is the story of 4 famous siblings – the Rivas. Nina, the eldest, has spent her whole life holding them all together, after losing her father Mick to his own fame as a rock star & then losing her mother, June, to alcohol addiction when Nina was only a teen. Nina’s siblings – Jay, Hudson “Hud”, and Kit each have their own drama going on – Jay trying to be the best at surfing, Hud with his photography and secret love for his own brother’s ex-girlfriend, and Kit with her confusing romantic feelings and her own insatiable love for surfing and the wish to get out of Jay’s shadow and into her own fame.

Nina is now alone in her big fancy beach house, after her famous tennis player husband, Brandon leaves her for his fellow tennis star. But everyone knows the Riva’s throw a not-to-be-missed party every year to celebrate the end of the summer. Whether they are invited or not, the Riva’s can expect people to come out in droves, famous people and nobodies…the Riva beach house is the place to be. As the epic party commences and surprise guests show up, the POV switches between the 4 siblings and their burnt out, deadbeat, albeit rockstar father. And in a few short hours, this night will change all of their lives forever.

Wonderful writing and atmospheric detail. Beautiful sibling relationships and forgiveness. LOVED everything about it. If you are looking for the perfect summer beach read, this is the one you want. Trust me on this!

Thank you to @randomhouse for the gifted early review copy of this book.

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