Adult Fiction book review

We Are Inevitable by Gayle Forman

We Are Inevitable is a beautiful story about a 19 year old boy, Aaron, and his father, Ira, trying to keep their family bookstore, Bluebird Books, afloat and hold what remains of their family together after the horrific loss of a family member due to overdose. Forman writes with both trademark wit and passionate prose, creating characters that truly come to life in reader’s imagination. My favorite part about this story is the way a seemingly random bunch of people in Aaron’s town come together in kindness to make a huge difference, and end up becoming a family somewhere along the way. This book is hilarious at times, thanks to Chad’s good humor & optimism, which is a breath of fresh air compared to Aaron’s grumpiness and Ira’s adorable aloofness. But it’s also raw, emotional, and incredibly touching. Though it is written as YA, I would highly recommend this book for adults. Perhaps best of all, the story takes place (mostly) in a used bookstore & it’s full of literary references and all the things bibliophiles love. We Are Inevitable should be required reading, as it is a much-needed lesson in empathy and perseverance.

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