Adult Fiction book review

Rebel Without a Claus by Emma Hart

Published November 23, 2021

Just weeks before Christmas, Quinn Langley, finds herself in a bit of a pickle. Not a huge fan of Christmas like the rest of her family, Quinn is a self-proclaimed Grinch. Her father, who has always been Santa for their family business, is ill and unable to fulfill his jolly duty. Quinn’s mother is stressed to the max, watching her toddler granddaughter while her daughter, Verity, heavily pregnant again, sits and does nothing much of anything but complain. Without a Santa in the Christmas grotto their family runs, Christmas as they know it will be ruined. No pressure here, Quinn, but its completely up to you to find a Santa Claus as quick as humanly possible.

As luck, or fate, would have it, Quinn runs into charming, handsome blast from her past, Nicholas White. He’s in town helping sort out things at his late grandmother’s cottage, and since he has nothing better to do with his time, he agrees to be Santa for Quinn and her family. Already in a foul mood because it’s Christmastime, Quinn knows that being around Nick at all hours will not help matters any, but she’s desperate and he’s willing to be Santa, so she decides to take him up on the offer.

Nick was Quinn’s first love and he broke her heart clean in two when he left without a word and moved away all those years ago. Quinn can’t deny that the attraction to Nick is still blazing hot, and it’s only a matter of time before she isn’t able to control it any longer.

Rebel Without a Claus is holiday romance at its best. It is full of hilarious holiday antics, family drama, and an angsty buildup of attraction which leads to a very satisfying spicy and sweet mix of romance. Thank you to the author for providing me with an early review copy of this book. I loved it!

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