Adult Fiction book review

Librarian Laura’s Best of 2021

Happy New Year!
⁠In 2021, I read a total of 206 books. ⁠
Here are my Best of 2021 books (in no particular order): ⁠
⭐Reckless Girls by @ladyhawkins⁠
⭐Reminders of Him by @colleenhoover⁠
⭐Part of Your World by @authorabbyjimenez⁠
⭐The Lost Village by @wednesdaysten⁠
⭐The Suite Spot by @trishdoller⁠
⭐Totally Folked by @reidromance⁠
⭐The Soulmate Equation by @christinalauren⁠
⭐We Are the Brennans by @tracey_lange⁠
⭐The Love Hypothesis by @alihazelwood⁠
⭐A Flicker in the Dark by @stacyvwillingham⁠

📚Did you enjoy any of these titles as much as I did?⁠
( Note: 5 of these are 2022 publication dates, but I read them in 2021. )⁠

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