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Almost Forty by Amanda Kay

Amanda Kay’s debut novel came along in a very timely way for me, as I’m almost forty myself. This story is a perfect genre mixture of women’s fiction, romantic comedy, and domestic fiction. Almost Forty is a novel of second chances, heartache and healing, and the ability to get through tough times with the help of family and friends.

Our heroine, Andrea, finds herself in the middle of an unbelievable and unexpected situation where her husband has strayed from their marriage. This leaves her reeling, as she is trying to take care of her two young children, while also wondering what went wrong.

If only her new found friend and fellow pre-school parent, Bret, would reciprocate the feelings she is starting to feel for him. Andrea feels like she is able to confide in Breet and is thankful for his friendship, but he has her firmly planted in the friend zone. He does, however, keep her guessing with his confusing actions and statements at times.

But just when Andrea didn’t think her situation could get any more bizzare, it does. And then, she and Bret unforteunately have more in common than either would have ever dreamed.

Andrea becomes a stronger, more independent person during the course of this story, realizing that even though she is pushing 40, her kids and her role as a mother are not the only things that define her, and that’s totally okay. I loved the friendships portrayed in the novel between Andrea and her much older sister, Beth, as well as her friend Meg in London. Andrea’s visit to London allowed me to fondly remember my trips to London and stirred up my desires to return some day. The story is well-written and unique, with spot-on dialogue and a very unexpected twist about three-quarters of the way through. The author also ends the book on a bit of a cliffhanger, alluding to a possible sequel so readers can see more of Andrea and Glen’s future together. Though there is reference to romance in the novel, it’s all closed-door and very clean and tasteful. Fans of Katherine Center and Kristy Woodson Harvey will enjoy this book.

To find Almost Forty on Goodreads and Amazon, see below:

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Thank you to the author for providing me with a complimentary review copy in exchange for my honest feedback. She also included the most adorable (cover-matching) beach towel & rubber ducky in the book mail package. Thanks, Amanda!!

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