Adult Fiction book review

The Littlest Library by Poppy Alexander

Publishing 7/19/22 by Avon Books

This is a charming tale of a small village in England that flourishes after a new resident named Jess moves into a crumbling old cottage with a red telephone box out front. Jess, a librarian, who has recently lost her grandmother (who happened to also be her roommate, sole family member, and best friend) has also lost her job as a librarian in Bouron-on-the-Marsh where she grew up and lived with Mimi. Luckily for her, she stumbled upon an old cottage for sale in the English countryside, in a small village called Middlemass. Unsure what to do with the red telephone box in her front yard, Jess attends a town meeting; and soon finds herself the proud owner of the littlest library in England. Soon Jess’s books (which were all handed down from Mimi) and Jess begin to work their magic in Middlemass, bringing grumpy neighbors, like handsome single father Aiden next door, out of their shells and forging unlikely friendships with other singles in the village. Not only do Jess and her little telephone box library help a struggling village, but she soon begins to feel like Middlemass is home and a chance to change her life for the better. A quick, heartwarming read full of English charm and witty characters; this one will fill your heart with joy for sure! As both a librarian and a Little Free Library steward, this one really hit home for me, and I loved it!

Thank you to Avon Books & Harper Collins for the early review copy of this novel.

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