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Hottie on Her Shelf by Christi Barth

A bookish romance set in a small seaside town in Maine? Yes, please! Add in the fact that the main character is the town librarian, and you have a winner in my book. See what I did there? As a librarian myself, I could really identify with Hallie’s character, whether it be the misconceptions about our career or the feeling of accomplishment in a masters degree field that many do not take seriously.

On a whim, Hallie’s best friend Megan throws Hallie’s name in the pot to run for Mayor in the small coastal town of Swan Cove. Hallie, who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak, in a neighboring town full of fisherman, would rather just mind her business in the library and keep out of the political spotlight, as well as the crosshairs of the uber-wealthy Montgomery family, who have been basically running the town of Swan Cove and most of its businesses for decades. I too live in a very small town where certain families remind me a lot of the Montgomery family with their single-mindedness and better than thou attitudes which keep passing and increasing in strength through the generations.

At first, Hallie wants nothing to do with running for Mayor against the current Mayor, Fitz Montgomery. But after meeting Fitz and getting to know him better, she realizes that she may be just what the town needs to grow and knock the untouchable Montgomerys (namely Fitz’s parents) off of their self-made pedestal. Even more intriguing to Hallie is that Fitz is not who she expected at all…in a good way. He takes an interest in her immediately, and Hallie finds herself really enjoying his company.

This is a fun enemies to lovers, small town romance with plenty of banter and plenty of steam. Along with Hallie’s best friend Megan being a great side character, Fitz’s best friend Everett makes for an interesting side character as well. I do hope the author writes more books that take place in Swan Cove, Maine.

Thank you to the publisher, Entangled, for the early review copy of this book in exchange for honest feedback.

2 thoughts on “Hottie on Her Shelf by Christi Barth

  1. Sounds like a fun book. I’d like to borrow it sometime. I just finished REMARKABLY BRIGHT CREATURES in two days. I loved it!! Thanks for the recommendation.

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    1. I read it on my ipad as an ebook but otherwise would totally loan it to you! I’m glad you enjoyed Remarkably Bright Creatures. I am reading Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow at the moment and I think you would like it as well.


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