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In The Shadow Garden by Liz Parker

In the Shadow Garden is a gorgeous debut full of magic, mystery, romance, and family drama set in a lovely atmospheric venue of small town Yarrow, Kentucky – bourbon country. Two rival families, the Haywoods and the Bonners have been famous in Yarrow for generations. The Haywoods run the Lavender & Lemon Balm tea shop and are keepers of the magical healing Shadow Garden. The Bonners are famous for their bourbon distillery, and they actually owe quite a bit of success to the Haywoods for their contribution from the shadow garden many years ago. Christian Bonner has recently passed away, spurring prodigal son Kaden to return home after being gone for 20 years. Kaden left after a fateful night when someone disappeared, someone died, and no one remembers exactly what happened. Now secrets from that night are coming to light and the reckoning between the Haywoods and Bonners is well past due. Buckle up for a romantic, intriguing story like you’ve never read before. Parker nailed it with this fresh debut, which will appeal to readers of multiple genres. Look for it on 9/13/22.

Thank you to Forever Publishing for the early review copy of this book.

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