Adult Fiction book review

One Last Gift by Emily Stone

One Last Gift is a poignant, heartwarming story of family, friendship, and second chances. After losing their parents when they were children, Cassie and her older brother Tom were inseparable, relying on each other to cope with the loss and braving the future together. Tom’s longtime best friend, Sam, has always been there for them both as well. Cassie had a crush on Sam, and at one point thought it might be something, but then he broke her heart in a way.

Now 20 years later, Cassie has lost her brother Tom in a horrible accident and she’s never felt more alone and unmoored. When she discovers an envelope from Tom with her name on it, she realizes that Tom had planned another Christmas scavenger hunt for her prior to his untimely death. Cassie has always looked forward to Tom’s creative, fun Christmas scavenger hunts, and now this one will be the last one. Cassie sets out on a bittersweet journey that will wind up changing her entire future, and along the way she may just find love and rediscover herself in the process. This book feels like a warm hug for the soul, with its charming setting, quirky characters, and lovely storytelling.

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a complimentary review copy of this title.

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