About Librarian Laura

I’m an MLS librarian and Regional Coordinator with the Indiana State Library, wife, and mother of two rambunctious, amazing little boys and two sweet dogs: a Fox Red Labrador & a black Labrador. I love to read anything and everything Fiction, and especially enjoy blogging reviews. My favorite genres are Romance (RomCom for the win!), Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, and Historical Fiction (mostly WWII). I review for both School Library Journal and Library Journal.

As a librarian, my favorite question to answer is “What should I read next?” and my least favorite question to answer is, “What is your favorite book?” because I have too many to narrow it down to one. That is why I began a book review blog where I could highlight the books that I’ve read, and the ones that I love.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy.

Twitter & Instagram: @laurapedenjones

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Filling Your Library Classroom Shelves Without Emptying Your Wallets

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One thought on “About Librarian Laura

  1. I just stopped at your great LFL. Love the location! (Directions on the app took me to what is prolly your home, my hubs said “let’s go see if it’s in the park back there!” 😅) I love how many books you are able to have in your LFL! I picked up a couple, and left a some, as I had a box along on my trip to Florida. (I steward a LFL too, in Michigan!)


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