Adult Fiction book review

Head Over Heels by Hannah Orenstein

Avery Abrams, once the most promising gymnast on her way to making the Olympic team, has just left LA and moved back to her hometown in Massachusetts. Avery's Olympic hopes were crushed seven years ago when a disaster of a performance ruined any hopes of fulfilling her dream. To further salt her wounds, her once… Continue reading Head Over Heels by Hannah Orenstein

Adult Fiction book review

Faked by Karla Sorensen

Dedicated student Claire Ward agrees to do her identical twin sister, Lia, a favor. That's what twins do, right - help each other out when one of them has two things going on at the same time? Lia has a prior commitment for a class but her best friend, Finn, needs her to be his… Continue reading Faked by Karla Sorensen

Adult Fiction book review

The German House by Annette Hess

  Originally published in Library Journal, December 1, 2019. In 1963 Frankfurt, Germany, 24 year old Eva Bruhns is hired by David Miller, a Canadian investigator, as a Polish translator for the Auschwitz war crimes trial. Eva's memories of WWII are distant and vague, and her family refuses to comment on the war as she… Continue reading The German House by Annette Hess

Adult Fiction book review

If You Must Know by Jamie Beck

About the Book Sisters Amanda Foster and Erin Turner have little in common except the childhood bedroom they once shared and the certainty each feels that her way of life is best. Amanda follows the rules—at the school where she works; in her community; and as a picture-perfect daughter, wife, and mother-to-be. Erin follows her… Continue reading If You Must Know by Jamie Beck

YA book review · Young Adult

What Kind of Girl by Alyssa Sheinmel

Originally published in School Library Journal, December 2019. Gr 9 & Up - Mike Parker's girlfriend of 6 months goes to the principal with a secret - Mike hit her, causing California's North Bay Academy to take sides on who they believe. A junior and track star, everyone loves golden boy Mike, but the incident… Continue reading What Kind of Girl by Alyssa Sheinmel

Adult Fiction book review

Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

The daughter of a lobsterman, Evvie Drake, was married to a well-respected doctor in a small seaside town in Maine. Everyone loved her husband for his bedside manner and friendly demeanor. Though she tried for years to look past his angry outbursts of slamming and throwing things and treating her like crap, Evvie couldn't bring… Continue reading Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

Adult Fiction book review

The Second Home by Christina Clancy

Christina Clancy's debut novel will have readers both intrigued by and invested in the well-loved Cape Cod summer home and the members of the Gordon family who faithfully traveled there each summer long after the final pages end. Fans of J. Courtney Sullivan and Jennifer Weiner will delight in this novel, releasing June 2, 2020.… Continue reading The Second Home by Christina Clancy

Adult Fiction book review · Beach Read

The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward

The Jetsetters was the March 2020 Reese's Hello Sunshine Book Club pick. With Reese's stamp of approval and that summer-vibes, bright and sunny cover, I knew this would be a good one. This novel is perfect for fans of Elin Hilderbrand and Emma Straub. It is the quintessential summer escape read. The Jetsetters is about… Continue reading The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward

Adult Fiction book review

Normal People by Sally Rooney

Irish author, Sally Rooney's, latest contemporary fiction novel, Normal People, is getting much more hype recently, thank to the series of the same name premiering on Hulu. Being a strict "read the book before watching the movie" person, I had to read the book before I watch. I did watch a trailer for the Hulu… Continue reading Normal People by Sally Rooney

Adult Fiction book review

Stranger Ranger by Daisy Prescott

  About the Book New park ranger Daphne Baum is a reformed good girl. Breaking free from her overbearing family as soon as she turned eighteen, she’s been on her own ever since. The life of a park ranger, moving from park to park, suits her just fine. Though still a rule follower, she’s okay… Continue reading Stranger Ranger by Daisy Prescott