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Definitely Daphne by Tami Charles

Multicultural Children’s Book Day (#ReadYourWorld) Librarian Laura's Review of Definitely Daphne by Tami Charles Definitely Daphne is a delightful new middle grade novel by Tami Charles. It is a perfect choice for Multicultural Children's Book Day, as it is filled with characters of all colors, backgrounds, and histories. Seventh-grader Annabelle Daphne Louis, known  as "Belle"… Continue reading Definitely Daphne by Tami Charles

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Operation Clean Up Day by Jason Tucker

Operation Clean Up Day, a picture book by Jason Tucker and illustrated by Nick Roberts will be released on September 28, 2017 by Clink Street Publishing. Operation Clean Up Day offers a simple story line with a clear message for little ones. It is split into different sections, called "Missions," for different areas of the house… Continue reading Operation Clean Up Day by Jason Tucker