Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben

foolmeonceFool Me Once will be released on March 22, 2016. This is a stand alone suspense novel from Harlan Coben, best known for writing the fast-paced, popular Myron Bolitar series. Coben is a master at writing hard-to-put-down novels, and his latest is no different.

Maya Stern, a former special operations pilot, has just buried her husband after he was brutally murdered in what appears to be a robbery gone wrong. Maya is no stranger to loss, having just buried her sister 4 months prior to her husband’s death. A concerned friend, though Maya doesn’t truly trust anyone, has brought her a nanny cam to help her feel at ease while at work away from her 2 year old daughter. One day while viewing the footage, she catches a glimpse of the unbelievable – her husband playing with their daughter. She was there when he was shot and she knows he’s gone; so, how can this be? Is she suffering from PTSD, hallucinating, and imagining things, as her in-laws and friends start to suspect? Or, is Joe still alive? She starts to question the nanny, and realizes that someone is covering up the truth. She is determined to uncover the truth about Joe, and also his younger brother who died in a boating “accident” while the two were in college, despite being warned against such activity by those closest to her. Maya will not give up until she assures that the future is safe for her daughter.

This book will have you on the edge of your reading chair, biting your nails to the quick. It’s trademark Coben, with a major plot twist which throws the reader for a loop, as he or she tries to figure out the truth. This is a quick, suspenseful story with an unexpected ending. Readers will not be disappointed.


Trauma – by Michael Palmer & Daniel Palmer

Trauma will be published and released to the general public on May 12, 2015. Author, Michael Palmer, passed away suddenly in October 2013. His son Daniel Palmer picked up the story idea and finished the book. Daniel would have made his father proud, because the story was seamless and entertaining. I had recently read Michael Palmer’s medical suspense thriller Resistant, and Trauma was just as good.

Dr. Carrie Bryant is a neurosurgeon left to pick up the pieces of her career after a terrible accident during a routine brain surgery on a patient, of which she is at fault, though the circumstances are very unfortunate. She moves back home to her parents and brother, a vet who is suffering from PTSD. Carrie soon joins forces with Dr. Alistair Finley, a well-respected neurosurgeon with the VA, to perform what is presented to her as ground-breaking brain surgery to reverse the affects of PTSD. As with any great medical suspense thriller, things are not always what they seem. After two of the patients who have received the surgery have rather adverse side effects and then disappear from the hospital, Carrie, along with a resourceful (and single, hunky) journalist, David, begin to investigate even as the situation becomes more dangerous.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending, but the story was fast paced and kept me intrigued. Well done, father and son Palmer!