The Blue by Lucy Clarke

The Blue by Lucy Clarke will be published on August 4, 2015.

This book had a little bit of everything I look for in a quick read: suspense, mystery, romance, twists and turns in the plot, and adventure. Lana and Kitty, best friends since childhood decide that they have nothing holding them to their current lifestyles and set off for adventure and a carefree life. They find exactly the thing when they happen upon The Blue, a yacht with a crew of young, beautiful, and intriguing people. However, as the weeks at sea become months, Lana soon gets to know the crew and wonders if they made a mistake diving into this lifestyle with a bunch of strangers. Aaron, the skipper, has a carefree attitude about ship safety, but strict rules about relationships with other crew members. The other crew members are Denny, Heinrich, Joseph, and Shell. It’s interesting to see how Lana’s various relationships develop with each of them, and even how things change with Kitty, who she thought she knew so well. If you are in for a fast paced adventure on the sea, this is the book for you. I really enjoyed the characters and the story line.

The Summer of Good Intentions – Wendy Francis

This novel will be published July 7, 2015.

This was my first summer read for the season to come. When I saw that my favorite summer read author, Elin Hilderbrand, endorsed this book and author, I simply had to read it. I enjoyed the story line, and the writing kept me entertained and intrigued. I appreciated that their wasn’t a lot of nasty language or graphic sexual scenes. The story follows three sisters and their divorced parents as they make their annual trek to their summer house on the Cape for the month of July. Each chapter switches back and forth between the perspective of one of the three sisters, Maggie, Jess, and Virgie, as well as their aging father, Arthur. The month starts out with not much excitement, as each sister and their families learn to wind down from the hustle and bustle of busy lives. As the month goes on, however, there are some minor and some major events which shape the story line. At times, I laughed out loud, and cried at others. I hope Wendy Francis writes more of these summer reads, because I really enjoyed it.