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The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt


I haven’t yet reviewed any children’s picture books on this particular blog, but this book was so fantastic that I couldn’t resist! As a children’s Librarian, I see a ton of children’s books pass through my office, and the Crayon series by Drew Dewalt, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers are some of the best. The first book in the series is called The Day the Crayons Quit. It is delightfully funny and witty, with scenes that children and adults alike absolutely love. I especially loved it for read-aloud story time for grades 1 through 6.

However, the new installment The Day the Crayons Came Home is even better than the first book! Dewalt and Jeffers have outdone themselves with a new masterpiece, detailing the woes of quick-witted crayons who have been left behind and forgotten by Duncan over the years. For example, poor Maroon Crayon is left in the couch and broken in two when Duncan’s father sits on him. Pea Green Crayon decides that he no longer likes his name and changes it to “Esteban…the Magnificent” as he sets out for new adventures. The stories become more hilarious as the book goes on.

I can hardly wait to share this book with all of my elementary classes for story time. I know they will just adore it as much as I do. I can hear their high pitched giggles now. If you like to read and know a kid (or adult) who appreciates a story – I would highly suggest getting a copy of this book (or checking it out at your local library, of course.) I think this will be one of those instant, “Please read it again, Mrs. Jones!!” books. Just a hunch… #every crayon counts esteban

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