Adult Fiction book review

A Kentucky Hug for Christmas by Judith Natelli McLaughlin

Maddy is a songwriter turned music teacher, who is down on her luck after leaving her longtime beau and leaving Nashville to move back in with her mother in small-town Crowns Grove, Connecticut. Though she dreams of writing songs again, she falls into a teaching position at the local elementary school, helping in the music class, and soon finds herself in charge when the teacher becomes ill. A bonus for Maddy, however, is Travis Montgomery fellow teacher from Kentucky with a sweet Southern charm, who takes an interest in her. Unfortunately, the same mean girl from grade school is now the mean girl at work, and she begins causing trouble for Maddy and planting doubt about Travis and Maddy’s budding relationship. Will Maddy and Travis be able to find happy ever after? Meanwhile, Maddy and her sister Jane have found something in the box of Christmas decorations that intrigues them and starts a bit of a mystery to solve. This story is full of holiday delights – from holiday décor, tree trimming, and food. It’s a sweet holiday clean romance with all the trimmings, including a major theme of music and family, especially the bond between mothers and daughters and sisters.

Thank you to the author for providing me with a complimentary review copy of this book.

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