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Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway

Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway is a YA novel that is set to be published 6/23/15. Wow! I absolutely loved it. It packed a powerful punch of emotions, especially at the end. As a Mom reading it, I totally cried. Emmy & Oliver have been best friends and next door neighbors since they were toddlers. But, Oliver disappears when he they are only 7 years old, leaving his family, Emmy, and their other two best friends, Caroline and Drew absolutely heartbroken. Then, one random day 10 years later, Emmy gets the news that Oliver has been located and is on the way home. Will they be able to pick up the pieces of friendship (or maybe more) when he comes home? Is he a different person altogether? How strong are the bonds of friendship, family, and love? I will not give out any spoilers. Trust me; you will want to read this. It is a beautiful novel. Just read it.

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