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Hold the Forevers by K.A. Linde

If you are a fan of angsty love triangles and steamy romance, then Hold the Forevers by K.A. Linde is one you will not want to miss. Delilah “Lila” Greer has a problem, a problem with no possible way to fix it without someone getting hurt. She’s in love with two men: Cole and Ash. It’s always been Ash and Cole. Cole and Ash. The story begins with Lila on her wedding day, but before she says “I do,” readers are taken on a decade-long rollercoaster of love and heartache as Lila bounces between Ash and Cole, as fate keeps bringing them together over and over again, building a snowball of passion, guilt, regret, and soul-crushing love. But Lila has to make an impossible choice. She can’t be with them both. She must choose. Ash or Cole. Cole or Ash.

In her final years of high school, Lila meets Ash Talmadge in her hometown of Savannah, GA. Though Lila attends a prestigious all girls academy, she doesn’t fit in with the super rich, trendy girls at the school. That’s why she can hardly believe it when one of the hottest boys at the all boys academy in town takes interest in her and only her. After sharing all her firsts with Ash, their relationship comes to an abrupt halt after a heartbreaking truth is revealed during their prom. Lila and Ash go their separate ways, but Lila’s heart is broken. She knows she’ll always love Ash, even after such a horrible betrayal, which he denied vehemently.

Fast forward a few years to Lila’s college days at the University of Georgia. She’s studying to be a physical therapist, and working at an athletic trainer for the football team. It’s there she meets Cole Davis. Cole, the son of a famous former NFL player, is studying sports management and breaking records on the football field. Lila and Cole fall for each other, finding themselves deliriously happy and in love, making plans for the future. But everything changes when Cole gets a job all the way across the country, in San Francisco. Knowing that he secured the job on his own merits and not with the help of his famous father, Cole must seize the opportunity, so he moves. It breaks his heart to lose Lila, but she isn’t willing to leave her job opportunity in Georgia. They part ways, even though they are madly in love with one another. Turn up the dial on the angst-meter to full throttle.

What follows is a decade of meetings between Cole and Lila and between Lila and Ash. Each time she settles down with Ash, fate has a way of placing her in Cole’s path, and vise versa. There’s no denying the chemistry between Lila and both men, and the writing is steamy and passionate. you won’t be able to put this one down until Lila makes her final, forever choice. Strap in for a wild ride of emotions while you determine whether you are #teamash or #teamcole. I must admit I was #teamcole the entire book. Linde is an amazing writer, and I look forward to reading more of her books. Absolutely loved it!

Thank you to Wildfire Marketing Solutions for providing me with an early review copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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