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The House Across the Lake by Riley Sager

Though I didn’t love this one as much as Sager’s earliest novels, The House Across the Lake was certainly entertaining and it kept me intrigued until the final pages. The narrator, Casey Fletcher, is very much an alcoholic, which becomes readily apparent from the get-go…so right away readers have to determine whether they can really trust anything former actress Casey is saying or seeing. As she spies upon her neighbors across the picturesque lake in a sleepy Vermont town, she becomes convinced that her neighbor Katherine, a former supermodel, is in grave danger. Though the lake is serene and beautiful, Casey begins to suspect that the bodies of three missing women from years ago may have ended up near the lake, and as such, the waters aren’t as calming to her as to some. But soon readers realize there is more to Casey’s story and the death of her husband Len a few years ago than meets the surface. Throw in Boone, an ex-cop neighbor who is very handsome, but also very sneaky as well as his friend, a state policewoman who begins asking questions, and the story becomes even more layered and twisted. The book does contain a bit of a supernatural spin, and it throws off some major Rear Window vibes. Classic Sager with the jaw-dropping twist which was a bit too good to be believable, but I did enjoy the reading for the most part. Thank you to Penguin Library Marketing for the early review copy of this novel.

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