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Into the Blue by Robin Huber

Okay, first…how about this amazing gorgeous cover!? If this book cover doesn’t put you in the mood for a relaxing vacation by the ocean, I don’t know what will!

This book was so hard to put down! It started on a very suspenseful note and just keep getting better and better as the romance heated up between the main characters. I would highly recommend this book for fans of romantic suspense with a lot of steam.

Makayla Evans, 25, is a successful senior analyst at Syntec, a pharmaceutical giant. But when she discovers that Syntec has an illegal connection to dark pharma and the drug cartel in Mexico, her life is forever changed. After the corrupt CEO Mark Spenser finds out, Makayla is fired on the spot. In moments, she is violently kidnapped and drugged, waking up later in a very dangerous place in the hands of an even more dangerous drug lord. Luckily for Makayla, she is rescued by a retired Marine who works private security for her best friend’s husband, Derek. Her tall, dark, and handsome rescuer is 30 year old Kellan James. Kellan’s childhood was rough and nontraditional, living in foster homes until he was 18. But after a few tours of duty in Afghanistan, he’s grown into a man of great honor and love for his fellow Marines and friends.

Injured and scared, Makayla is whisked away to La Isla Azul (The Blue Island) in Costa Rica, where Derek and two other retired Marines are keeping a doctor and his team safe from the drug cartel. With Kellan’s attentive care and encouragement, Makayla faces her PTSD from her kidnapping and assault, and soon becomes comfortable with the beautiful island. Kellan and the other doctors and Marines become a family to Makayla, which means so much since she lost her parents in a car crash when she was 18. Who could have known that the greatest nightmare of her life would end with her meeting Kellan and falling in love in a literal paradise on Earth. But even in paradise, danger is just one step away. Makayla wasn’t ever meant to escape the drug cartel, and they plan to find her no matter where she tries to hide.

Buckle up for a wild ride – you won’t regret it! Huber’s story is suspenseful, sexy, steamy, and romantic. But perhaps the thing I loved the most was the atmospheric descriptions of Costa Rica with its beautiful island lagoons, crystal clear blue water, and breathtaking views. This is a perfect escape read!

Thank you to InkSlinger PR for a review copy of this title.

About the Book

Even in paradise, danger lurks…

When Makayla Evans discovers that her employer — a pharmaceutical trailblazer — is dabbling in Dark Pharma, she barely has time to process the information before her conventional life is ripped away. In one breath she’s standing in her New York office; in the next, she’s waking up in the middle of a Central American desert. With no way to escape or call for help, she realizes a terrifying truth. She has vanished… without a trace.

For former Marine Kellan James, working private security on Costa Rica’s La Isla Azul — The Blue Island — is a dream job. But his peace is disrupted when an old friend calls with a nearly impossible task: track down a woman kidnapped by a dangerous drug cartel. When Kellan finally finds Makayla, she’s in bad shape, but she’s alive. Now he just has to keep her that way…

Finding refuge on a remote island with a kind, handsome Marine is not how Makayla expected her nightmare to end. As the days turn to months, Makayla and Kellan develop an unbreakable bond, falling in love with the island, and with each other. But they can’t hide forever. Because even in paradise, danger lurks…

About the Author

Robin has been dreaming up book boyfriends since before she ever had one. A career, a husband and three kids later, she’s still hopelessly addicted to love stories that make her swoon. Robin is an extroverted introvert with an unhealthy dependency on her horoscope and a knack for plotting emotionally charged romance novels on her way to work, where she spends her days as a hospital director. She loves the ocean, thunderstorms, coffee, wine and Tim Riggins. She hates turtlenecks, chunky jewelry, kitchen gadgets and high heels, though she begrudgingly wears them often. She also has an aversion to extreme cold, which is why after a four year stint in the Northeast, she returned home to Florida where she’s living happily ever after.

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